4 Reasons to Hire A Roofing Contractor for Winter Roof Construction

If you live somewhere with extremely cold winters like Massachusetts, you might wonder why anyone would even consider roofing replacement. It’s not common, however. Many roofing companies offer their services year-round, even in snowy areas like Massachusetts. With a few exceptions, roofing Massachusetts homes during winter is no different than any other time of the calendar. Some roofing contractors even claim they like it. First, let’s discuss what makes roofing more difficult at this time of the year and why you shouldn’t have a roof replaced right awayRoofing contractors Colorado Springs.

It’s too frigid outside to warrant a roof replacement.

This argument just doesn’t hold water. It may be cold right now, but it doesn’t matter. Your roof doesn’t seem to care. The crew that installs your roof doesn’t care. Don’t worry about how the guys are doing it. If the cold were to bother them they wouldn’t be up there installing a new roof. They would be doing an indoor job. I know of many guys who prefer roofing in the cold just because they are cold. Consider a black roof for the Summer. Let me tell you, it’s lots of fun. In Summer it feels like it is 110 degrees up on the roof, even though it is only 90 degrees on ground.

My roof is getting too much snow to be replaced.

This, my friend. Is why God created snow shovels. It is not difficult to shovel snow off a roof. It typically takes half an to one hour to remove snow. Most roofing contractors don’t charge extra for this, as long they are there in order to replace the roof. Are they required to take care to not fall? That’s true. But, when it comes roofing a house, the crew should be mindful of every detail. This isn’t a new principle. They are professionals, and safety should always come before anything else. A responsible roofing company will always put safety first.

Alright. I’ve given you two reasons why roofing shouldn’t be done during winter. But they aren’t really good reasons. Let me now show you the best 4 reasons you should have your roofing replaced this time.

1.) 1.) Leaks caused by ice dams

Winter in Massachusetts can test your roof and home in ways that are unmatched by any other season. The most common source of roof leaks in winter months is the dreaded and dangerous ice dam. An ice dyke is made from snow that has melted and then runs down the roof to form over the eaves. The roof will then refreeze at the edge. Massachusetts roofing contractors use an ice-water barrier along with proper dripedge flashing techniques. This prevents ice dams from damaging your house and causing leaks. When done correctly, this technique adds protection to at least 3 feet above any edges of the roof. Many older roofs are not equipped with an “ice and/or water barrier”. If you have an icedam problem with your roof, now is the time to get it fixed.

2.) A bad roof can be made worse by winter conditions.

Your roof will only get worse if winter comes. There are many things that can negatively impact your roof during cold weather. I’ve already covered ice dams. There are many other factors that can adversely affect your roof in cold weather. In winter, as temperatures fluctuate, your roof shingles expands and contracts. Older shingles can curl and crack. Let’s assume that your old roofshingles begin to curl. Once the snow melts, some of the shingles will crack. You have now got a potential roof leak. It is possible that your old roof shingles will be even more damaged by the wet and heavy snow. Old shingles are not safe from the thawing of snow and subsequent refreezing. Old roofs dislike the cold winters.

3.) Get faster service for your new roofing installation

It’s an obvious fact that Massachusetts roofing professionals, and other roofing contractors generally, are less busy during winter. For homeowners looking for new roofing, this means that your chosen roof contractor might be able and willing to install your new roof in a matter days. In contrast to waiting weeks or even months if you wait until the spring or summer, fall months, and then wait again. This alone should make it possible to have your roof completed in winter for many homeowners.

4.) Make savings by using a slower season for roofers.

There is no one who wouldn’t like to save money when doing expensive home improvements such as re roofing. In winter you may get a more efficient roofing contractor and a cheaper price. Most roofers can provide the same warranty for winter roofing as for other seasons. The shingle company will provide the same material warranty, regardless of season. The roofing contractor wants to keep their crews busy, so they will offer a higher price to get around the winter slowdown.

What are your options? If you own an older house that needs a roof replaced, contact a local roofing contractor to find out why roofing Massachusetts homes and other areas are a viable option in winter.