Cycling in Amsterdam – Tourist Guide

In Holland, cycling is the most popular form of transportation and Amsterdam itself is the most cycle friendly city on earth. This has come about because it is completely flat and it has been embraced by the locals helping create dedicated cycle lanes throughout the city.

Cycling is very safe in Amsterdam. It is such Driving School Amsterdam an integral part of life in the city that training starts from an early age. A child growing up in Holland will take a week of riding classes when they start school, followed by a practical assessment set up by the local police. This is followed up by refresher courses throughout the child’s life, and even when learning to drive, being aware of and avoiding cyclists is a major part of the training. In Amsterdam you don’t really get car drivers though, they are simply cyclists behind the wheel of an automobile! This is one reason you do not see helmets in Amsterdam, as they are only likely to protect you in the event of a high speed collision with a car, and cars drive very cautiously.

As a tourist you are unlikely to have had the same level of training as the locals, but keeps your wits about you and you’ll be fine. Everyone else will certainly be looking out for you, and you are far more likely to be in a traffic accident when playing the part of the dawdling tourist walking around with your face buried in a map! If you do feel the need to wear a Helmet, expect to hear people calling out “Mooi helm!” which translates to “Nice helmet!”

The downside to having such a bicycle ‘friendly’ city is that bicycle theft is rife, and it is joked that in Amsterdam it is the second most popular sport after football! For this reason you will find that the majority of rented bikes are bright orange contraptions which stand out like a sore thumb, yet for this reason you are less likely to lose it amongst the hundreds of other bikes, and not many thieves would want to steal it. All other bikes found around the city are ancient rust buckets, with locks that are clearly worth more than the bikes themselves. For more check this,

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However, whilst the rental companies will not charge you in the event of your bike being stolen, it is your transportation so if it is not there when you come to find it, that’s quite inconvenient. The rule of thumb is to try and ensure the bikes immediately around it are an easier target.

There are only 2 decisions you need to make when renting a bike, standard or folding. Folding bikes can be carried around with you, and there is no charge to take them on a bus, tram or train. Whilst standard bikes are usually accommodated there will be a charge of roughly £5.

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