Hackers Attacking Prison Computer Systems – Quite Problematic I’d Say

What’s that famous quote, “what will they think of next,” well, today that is changing, a better question might be “what will they hack into next?” Indeed perhaps that is the question. It appears that the hackers wish to attack prison computer systems. In Space War online news on February 24, 2012 there was an interesting article entitled; “Hacker campaign targets US prison contractor,” by Staff Writers in San Francisco. The article stated;

“Hacker group computer system validation training institute in bangalore Anonymous on Friday vandalized the website of a major US prison contractor in the latest salvo in an anti-police campaign. Anonymous subgroup “Antisec” took credit for replacing The Geo Group website home page with a rap song dedicated in part to convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal and a message condemning prisons and policing in the United States.”

Okay so, let’s pump up this dialogue a step further, let’s say that the hackers were able to hack into the contractor prison’s computers and cause chaos? Well, do you recall recently there was a fire in a Honduras prison, well, let me refresh your memory – according to the Associate Press;

“The death toll from the Feb. 14 fire at the Comayagua prison rose to 360 Tuesday after another victim died in a Tegucigalpa hospital from his burns.”

What I’m saying is there are already enough problems in our prisons, and in prisons around the world, they are constantly on the verge of chaos with individuals on the inside trying to usurp the system, control it from within, and overpower the guards, or other inmates for primate political purposes, or to escape. The last thing they need, or can probably handle is having outsiders hack into their system, thus becoming an enabler of chaos, controversy, and sound and fury on the inside. Obviously, and I suppose that goes without saying.

If hackers start to attack the prison systems, then that is a major political statement, which could cause challenges when various hackers are caught and incarcerated. Right now, they seem to have found a cause, and a justifiable reason in their own minds to hack into these systems, that’s today, what will happen tomorrow? Riots can occur very easily in such environments, and the situation will be taken advantage of by those on the inside as soon as the systems begin malfunctioning.

A prison is a microcosm, it’s its own community, it’s its own enclosed civilization, and it has its own society. Hacking an entire city and all the infrastructure is nearly the same challenge as hacking a prison system, the only difference is every single citizen within that system is already a problematic challenge for society within the prison, and here on the outside. This is a lot more serious than people might imagine, and therefore, I ask that you please consider all this and think on it.