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Interested in upgrading your car or truck with mobile electronics but aren’t sure where to start? From car GPS to car alarms, there are lots of great options out there, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re considering the full array of aftermarket electronics for your vehicle. Should you get the remote starter first or opt for the car audio system? Would it be better to install a car alarm before or after the car DVD player? Here are some of the most popular aftermarket car audio and electronics selections broken down to help make your tough choice a bit easier.


Installing mobile electronics on your car or truck can help الكترون make your life a little simpler. Two favorite options for adding a bit more convenience to your daily routine are:

GPS navigation systems. Providing directional guidance and point-of-interest mapping, car GPS systems help keep you from getting lost no matter where you’re headed. GPS navigation systems are a great investment if you frequently drive in unfamiliar areas, have a knack for making wrong turns, or even if you just need to minimize travel times between errands or appointments.

Remote starters. Enabling you to turn on your vehicle from a distance, remote car starters allow you to preheat the engine and warm or cool the passenger compartment (depending on the season) for optimal comfort from the moment you get in the driver’s seat. You may want to consider installing an automatic car starter if you hate the extreme temperatures of chilly January mornings or steamy July afternoons or if you’re concerned about the wear and tear of driving without preheating your engine.


Every little bit counts when it comes to safety and your vehicle. Among the more popular options for increasing the safety of your car or truck are:

Car alarms. Car alarm installation is a practical choice for any driver who wants to safeguard their car or truck by preventing theft. And remember, if you’re planning on installing other mobile electronics, you may want to put in the car alarm first so that your vehicle security system will be in place to protect your other components once they are installed.

Bluetooth integration. Helping you keep both hands on the wheel by making calling hands-free, installing a Bluetooth system in your vehicle adds both convenience and improved safety. Bluetooth installation is practical whether you make business or personal calls, and with this hands-free technology, you can also get additional features like voice texting and on-screen caller ID that make driving and chatting a breeze.


Of course, when people think about mobile electronics, what comes to mind most often is entertainment. Leading choices for improving your entertainment experience when you’re behind the wheel include:

Car audio. From speakers and amps to new head units, you have virtually limitless options when it comes to upgrading your vehicle’s car audio system. If your current car stereo is seriously lacking or you spend a lot of time on the road, installing a new car audio setup can help you make your driving experience a whole lot more enjoyable.