The Sealcoating of Your Parking Lot Benefits Your Business

Sealcoating your commercial parking area can prolong the longevity the investment for years and, in turn, reduce your expenses in the long run , to around $1000’s for a tiny parking area.

As with a driveway, doing this on your own is not cost-effective. If you’re a typical business owner , or property manager, you have a long list of tasks long to finish.

Because the parking area is usually the first place your customers be first impressions of your business, why let your parking lot to be damaged and damaged? Other than looking better, we’re aware that sealing professional services can prolong the lifespan of your lot.

We’ve all heard that New England cold winters create destruction on pavement. Regular maintenance of your pavement can increase the lifespan of your pavement and lower the chance of bigger repairs. It also provides an even, smooth polished black surface for your parking area. It can enhance any business …..IF it’s done properly. With sealcoating you will be able to avoid expensive kinds of asphalt repair such as overlays and potholes.

Parking lots are typically exposed to the sun for throughout the day (when it’s bright and sunny). Sealcoating (done properly) protects against oxidation and the UV rays associated from this constant exposure. With time, the binder of asphalt (tar) is able to harden and this hardening leads to an elongated surface that eventually cracks. If you notice cracks in your pavement, it permits water to seep into the pavement, usually into the sub base, which weakens it. If the temperature drops below freezing, which is the case at New England, the cracks increase in size. You can drag a plow across the cracks and you’ll have an ugly pot hole in a matter of minutes. Sealcoating is a protective coating that protects the surface. It creates voids on the surface, making pavement less vulnerable to water and oxygen as well as prolonging the lifespan of pavements with a protective coating which prevents water from penetrating into the asphalt.

You may be surprised, but the gas and oil that leaks out of vehicles can create havoc on the pavement. A sealcoating layer blocks this materail and doesn’t permit it to penetrate the pavement. The coal tar sealer that is professional grade used by JDK employs has additives that help it block leaks. The sealcoat has a dark shade that hides the stains from leaks of oil and gas.

If you sealcoat your parking area to last, it will last longer (sealcoating is less costly than repaving) and look better. This gives your customers assurance that you’re a reputable and viable business. In this current economy, every bit counts you, surely?

Another point to note is that sealing your driveway may do at home during the weekend, however, the parking lot sealcoating company should be handled by an experienced sealcoating service. Don’t fall for the lowest price either. This will be the subject of our next post.